Thursday, May 30, 2013

XML flle Samples and Examples

This link leads to a zip file that contains examples of the .xml files and information regarding how the data exchange functions.  The file needs to be saved as a .zip file before opening in order for it to work properly.

zip file of XML file layout etc.


Here is a Q&A Session regarding the WDOR take on the XML file....

Here is a link to the presentation that James Bender of the WDOR gave regarding the future of assessment rolls in 2012.  You will need to save the file to your computer and rename the file extension from .docx to .pptx


XML file rollout

The unofficial unveiling of the XML file is upon us.  For a few years now the WRPLA has been working with the WDOR in order to create an XML file to transfer assessment data that the WDOR needs in a format that all of us should be able to work with.  Many hours have been spent on this project by quality individuals who were willing to work at this.  Many revisions have taken place and more may be needed in the future, but this file was built to accommodate everyone.  There are so many variables that I believe it took longer than many envisioned but going forward this is the file that we will be working with and using to provide assessment data to the WDOR.